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Fans concerned for Scott Hall after troubling virtual meet and greet



There is a lot of concern for WWE Hall Of Famer Scott Hall after his appearance during a virtual meet and greet for Dark Parlor Originals.

As explained in the video below by Mike from Dark Parlor Originals, the meet and greet was cut off early because of Hall's condition.

Mike said, "First and foremost, we're gonna take care of Scott. We're gonna take care of Scott. We're gonna make sure he has what he needs. He's had some issues recently. It's not my business to talk about. We're not here to make him look bad, we're not here to look bad."

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Mike said that he is working on getting everyone's items signed and said that if fans paid for a virtual meet and greet then they will get refunds.

Fans in the live chat noted that Hall was not coherent.

Steve Ruiz said the following on the Dark Parlor Originals live chat: "he was being difficult. They got a late start, Mike was trying to get through everyone’s orders in a timely manner but Hall kept having issues with every inscription or request and had issues with how rushed he felt. Influenced by meds or other substances. He was trying but he wasn’t in a mental state to push through so quickly with so many items in a 4 hour period while being streamed live. Nash could multi task, tell stories and crank out signatures."

Obviously, we wish Hall well and hope that he is able to overcome his personal issues.[0]=AZVFozpDd6iOekxV14YajSTnMDkRqnRgN3ab5ZC8aPKkj-3TX74UxGa4yFrkCEiDgQ7NlFlPU9SSfW7yhUUdwdJr_e42PvpY-yn335XjwJLqP-LREI0woAg9Fkiff9tf4OKpKvHcLRzJgrAFmn3J8ZRvGlVF9YgezuFZAC_0UVr4aw-AWY5utmJ5sXim4TIozQ9DRZR4czoHW5LxbqFnVTXM&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R