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Fans could get an announcement on Daniel Bryan’s possible return soon enough (updated)

There could be some very exciting things going on right now and fans who have wanted Daniel Bryan’s in-ring return could get what they want.

It’s been too long since WWE retired Daniel Bryan but he didn’t want to quit. Instead, he said “no” and sought out his own doctors. Now it looks like all his hard work and traveling to specialists could have paid off. But only time will truly tell.

“I think it’s pretty much wait and see I think we’ll find something out [on SmackDown Live]. They’ll either announce the match or they’ll stall or they’ll announce a different match I suppose,” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“That about covers all the bases,” Bryan Alvarez quipped as Meltzer continued.

“It’s gotta be close because he wouldn’t have talked the way he did if it wasn’t close but again, what does that mean? It’s a doctor’s decision.” Meltzer noted there has been movement “in the last month or so” regarding clearing Bryan for a return. Afer all, Daniel Bryan has received clearance from other doctors and those hyperbaric chamber treatments could be doing the trick.

“He’s seen doctors, more doctors have cleared him and that’s where we’re at,” Meltzer said. He also noted how it’s such a strange thing timing-wise for Daniel Bryan because he exists in a time in between when WWE would have wrestled the next night after a concussion 10 years ago and a time after scientific breakthroughs in regards to concussion research. It was also noted that the breakthroughs might not be the best thing for sports fans because it could result in much shorter careers in professional athletes “if they can take a test to show that they’re damaged.”

The fact is we’re just starting to learn about the human brain’s healing power and if Daniel Bryan wasn’t getting better with his treatments he wouldn’t have received clearance from his own doctors because they had no obligation to protect WWE. Meltzer quipped how Bryan is somewhat of a guinea pig because he’s going out there to get all of the testing done in an attempt to fix his brain. Only time will tell how it turns out though because it’s still up to Dr. Maroon.

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