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Fans not happy with WWE dropping the ball with Retribution but good news is coming for them



Tomorrow night on WWE Raw could be the start of good things for Retribution. Last week, they lost again to The Hurt Business and fans are comparing them to previous factions that fizzled out after a few weeks or months.

Nexus fizzled out at SummerSlam 2010 after being pushed as a strong faction that was invading the main roster from NXT. The Alliance, made up of ex-WCW and ECW wrestlers, became an afterthought after a few weeks. The WWE version of the NWO in 2002 was only kept strong for a few weeks before Vince McMahon gave up on pushing them as a real threat.

However, Ali says that the ship will turn around tomorrow night.

He sent out the following tweet:

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"Tomorrow on #WWERAW I turn this ship around.
But I don’t want you to change. I want you to continue to ignore the warning. I want you to continue having no faith in us.
After all, “having no faith in us” is what made us in the first place.

The Retribution members have been dealing with the negative feedback from fans on social media because of the feeling that WWE has dropped the ball with their storyline.

A fan sent this tweet to Ali:

"@AliWWE I know you must be sick of people telling you how awful Retribution is while you're trying your damnedest to elevate them, but this is the type of crap that ruins careers. Don't go down with the ship."

Ali responded:

"No, I love it.
Yelling at performers about a show they don’t write makes me smile."