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Fans push WWE to give the Divas a chance

If you watched Raw then you saw the match between The Bella Twins and Emma and Paige go about 30 seconds last night. The match was originally booked to be short but their time was cut more because they ran long on a previous segment.

Fans went on social media and began tweeting WWE with the hashtag #GiveDivasAChance. At one point it was trending worldwide on twitter. WWE did not mention this on TV and instead mentioned that R-Truth's #GiveTruthAChance was trending on twitter.

It's no secret that there is frustration from fans that want to see the Divas given more time in their TV matches. The Bella Twins voiced their frustration with this at last weekend's Wizard World convention in Indianapolis. Hopefully the word is getting back to Vince McMahon. Charlotte is expected to be moved up to the main roster soon (maybe as soon as WrestleMania) and she could have great matches with several of the women on the main roster if given the chance.

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