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Fans see hints in Jon Moxley's video that point towards AEW

Jon Moxley

The teaser video posted by Jon Moxley has already been viewed by more than 1 million people on Twitter and it has spawned some theories on his future.

It is clear that he is not retired and it should be clear to everyone that he is really done with WWE. That has not stopped some fans from speculating that he will return to WWE under the Moxley name. For the record, that is not going to happen.

The best bet is that Moxley will end up with All Elite Wrestling. He is keeping his future plans close to the vest but fans have spotted a few clues that hint towards a jump to AEW.

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First, Ambrose lives in the Las Vegas area and AEW Double Or Nothing will take place in Las Vegas. Furthermore, there are plans for unannounced surprises on that show as they look to make a big impression on fans for their first show under the All Elite Wrestling banner and ahead of their weekly TV show debut later this year.

Several fans noted that Cody Rhodes "liked" Moxley's video shortly after it was posted. Another big clue that many fans are pointing to is a pair of dice shown as Moxley is shown walking the streets after breaking out of jail. If you skip to 1:16 in the video, you will notice that he walks in front of The Viper Room located in Hollywood, CA. The Viper Room logo includes two dice and the dice shown are 2 and 5. The date for Double Or Nothing is May 25.

Another clue that points to AEW is his last WWE interview. He talks about walking into the casino several years ago and now he is taking his chips and cashing in. Many pointed to that statement as another hint since AEW's pay-per-view name has casino references. Click here to see his final WWE promo.

One other thing people have noticed from the video is how he breaks out of prison. The obvious inference is that he is breaking out of jail and the dogs are supposed to represent WWE trying to get him to stay. It's no secret that WWE tried to offer him huge sums of money to stay but he declined.

For those of you that missed it, click here to see the Moxley video. As of May 1st, he is a free agent and can appear anywhere he wants. Since his contract expired, there is no non-compete.