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Fans turned off WWE Raw this week in a big way



WWE management is probably not happy about this week's viewership for Monday Night Raw.

The show was watched by 2.46 million viewers, a big drop from last week's 2.72 million viewers but the big story is the large drop from the first to the third hour.

The first hour started off strong with 2.84 hours but there was a big decline in hour two with 2.40 million viewers and a bigger decline in hour three with just 2.14 million viewers. The show main event was Ronda Rousey and Natalya against Sasha Banks and Bayley.

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They lost 24.5 percent of their audience throughout the show which is indicative of fans not being happy with what they were seeing in the first hour and WWE not giving fans something worth sticking around for.

Here is the hourly breakdown:

8 pm - 2.84 million viewers
9 pm - 2.40 million viewers
10 pm - 2.14 million viewers