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Finn Balor congratulates WWE star for losing 100 matches in a row


Curt Hawkins has been back with WWE for less than a year but his win/loss record has been less than stellar. In fact, he's lost 100 matches in a row. No worries, because he is still collecting those WWE paychecks and he's booked for almost every house show and he is seen as a guy that can help get other guys over. That's not such a bad gig especially when you get to do it for the biggest wrestling company in the world.

Hawkins celebrated the big milestone with the following tweet:

He was later congratulated by fellow WWE Superstar Finn Balor:

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Not for nothing, but Hawkins can lay claim to being in the semi-main event slot at WWE Great Balls Of Fire. Sure, the backstage chaos with Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns overshadowed the match but facts are facts and Hawkins vs. Slater was still technically the semi-main event for that show.

The son of a phone company worker is putting in the work on the road and hopefully, WWE sees value in him as a solid worker. I hope that one day they realize that he can be of good use to future talent in a behind the scenes role as a producer or coach or at the Performance Center.

For now, if you want to face the facts in person, check out Curt Hawkins at a WWE live event when they are near your hometown.