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Finn Balor on going from a “little bubble” to WWE’s big stage

Finn Balor has wrestled all over the planet and had an amazing career the entire time. He knows the differences between each audience and loves every moment he has in the ring no matter what country he’s performing in.

Pratyay from Sportskeeda recently had the chance to ask Finn some questions and Balor opened up about the differences between performing in so many countries around the world.


“It’s very interesting because when I was wrestling in the UK and wrestling in Japan, I always felt like I was in my own little bubble and the matches that went on there either at the local town hall or a big arena in Japan. The only people who would have seen it would be the people who had been there at the live show and there wasn’t much reach outside of that.”

“Having come to WWE and having the WWE Network and the reach that it has all over the globe, and TV networks in hundreds of countries across the world, the WWE really is a monster at being able to put me on a platform and giving me the opportunity to show the world. The fact that I have fans in India when I haven’t wrestled down there before is all part of the WWE and the platform they’ve given me to perform on, so that’s the main difference.”

When asked if he could pick one opponent for WrestleMania 34, Finn Balor said he wanted a crack at the guy walking around with the championship he never actually lost, Brock Lesnar. Although it’s likely he’ll actually get a shot at Lesnar before WrestleMania, Balor would be totally fine with waiting until the Show Of Shows to get a chance to reclaim his Universal Title.

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