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Finn Balor pokes fun at WWE’s Universal Title picture

Finn Balor put on his sick Demon bodypaint at SummerSlam 2016 and defeated Seth Rollins to become the first-ever WWE Universal Champion. Although Balor might have pulled down the win, Rollins got plenty of retribution by destroying Balor’s shoulder thanks to a bucklebomb onto the barricade outside. This meant Balor’s reign as Universal Champion was very short lived because he had to vacate the title the next night on Raw.There was some talk of putting Finn Balor back in the Universal Title picture for this year’s Royal Rumble event but Vince McMahon apparently didn’t think Balor was over enough to do the job. Instead, Finn has defeated the Miztourage for the past two weeks. But if you ask him, he’s not complaining about that fact one bit.

But the first-ever WWE Universal Champion and first to ever have to vacate the title recently had a comment about the Universal Title picture that he is currently not a part of. Seriously though, Balor just defeated AJ Styles at TLC right before Styles would become WWE Champion, therefore how is it helping anybody (WWE included) to keep Finn Balor at a low position?

Kane and Braun Strowman battled to a no-finish double count out situation this week on Raw meaning the Universal Title picture is all askew and nobody really knows what’s going on. But one thing is for sure, Kane and Strowman aren’t finished with each other yet… or another way to put it is they’re “not over.”

Balor executed a double-meaning in expert fashion with this tweet where he said that beating Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel every week is fine with him, but Kane and Braun are the ones who aren’t over.

We really have to give the point to Finn Balor here for cleverness and using the English language like the sword it can be. Well played, Finn… we think you’re plenty over.

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