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Finn Balor wants Brock Lesnar to stay in WWE

Gorilla Position

Gorilla Position

Finn Balor recently did an interview with The Gorilla Position ahead of SummerSlam. Balor defeated Baron Corbin last night when he returned "The Demon King" gimmick in Brooklyn.

During his interview, Balor offered his thoughts on Brock Lesnar. Lesnar dropped his Universal Championship to Roman Reigns in the main event. With the defeat, many are expecting "The Beast" to return to the UFC and challenge Daniel Cormier for the heavyweight title.

Balor hopes that isn't the case. If it were up to the Irishman, he'd keep Lesnar around as he's a rare attraction in the professional wrestling industry:

“When [Lesnar] comes out, it’s a different feel,” Balor said. “Everyone’s like, ‘oh no, what’s gonna happen? We don’t know what’s gonna happen.’ I love it, I love watching Brock. I’d love to get in the ring with Brock.

“He is an attraction and he’s been an attraction since day one. People tend to forget that, they’re like ‘oh he comes and goes,’ but Brock’s the real deal. He was New Japan champion, people forget that, you know he’s been doing it [in WWE] for years, NCAA — he’s the real deal man… UFC, duh how’d I forget that one?

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“When Brock walks to the ring there’s something special there happening that night. Regardless of if it’s good or bad, people like it or don’t like it they’re all paying attention and that’s what we need — we need more of that in pro wrestling.”

When asked if he'd like Lesnar to stick around, Balor said he hopes so and pointed out how everyone makes up stories about Lesnar's status with WWE all the time:

“I hope so,” Balor said. “You never know. You know everyone said he’s out the door after WrestleMania, last SummerSlam he was going. This SummerSlam he’s going. People just make up stories in their head because it sells newspapers or clickbait or whatever.

“They just like to talk to hear themselves talk or make themselves feel like they have an opinion, but we’re all just guessing. Because it’s all media hype. Nobody knows until it actually happens… I don’t think [WWE] even knows.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions