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First hint on the first released WWE star possibly making the jump to AEW?

WWE/All Elite Wrestling

WWE/All Elite Wrestling

We'll see what happens but Cody Rhodes tweeted a GIF of Zack Ryder winning the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 32.

Ryder and Rhodes are close friends dating back to Rhodes' days in WWE so it would seem that getting Ryder in All Elite Wrestling is a very real possibility.

However, given the circumstances with the economy being battered because of COVID-19, I would imagine that Tony Khan will not be so fast to add too many wrestlers to the AEW roster this year so we'll see if this is the beginning of something or simply Cody paying tribute to his friend.

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Cody also posted this message about Ryder on his Instagram account:

"I’d like to take a moment to say how proud I am to be a friend of @zryder85 - In a world of weekend warriors and “play wrestlers”, this dude exudes passion and drive for pro-wrestling like no other. Through 14 years to see him CONSISTENTLY try to better himself(whether that be his in-ring work, or watching him physically mold himself and his body into such a specimen DRUG FREE with hard work and will). I have a little rule, and that’s that if you’ve ever “gotten over” in can always do so again. That rule being fully applicable to Matt now. At 34 years young, his best wrestling days are ahead of him. Cheers to a great start and 14 years of unrelenting blood, sweat, and tears. Future endeavors are limitless when you actually endeavor. I chose this picture because it was one of my last days at WWE, watching 80,000+ people applaud as Matt won gold was an eruption not only live in the arena but in the locker room as well. Hearing Dolph coordinate for his father to come over the rails(meanwhile I was ass deep into a broken ladder and stuck but had the best seat in the house) and seeing father/son embrace, I thought I’d be jealous or bitter, but I was truly happy and proud for one of my peers. Congratulations my friend, and good luck!"