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Florida deputies tried to shut down WWE shows at the Performance Center before Florida Governor stepped in

Stephanie Coueignoux from Central Florida’s My 13 News is reporting that there were attempts made by Orange County, FL officials to shut down WWE’s shows at the Performance Center because they were not in compliance with the Executive Order issued by the state.

According to what the news station was told, deputies advised WWE in March and April that “they were not in compliance w/Executive Order and advised them they would have to close down.”

That all changed when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis stepped in. A memo dated on April 9 deemed WWE an “essential business” and that allowed WWE to resume live shows on Monday night.

There is an interesting timeline of events around this story.

DeSantis issued the executive order on April 1st after consulting with President Donald Trump, who has been a close friend of the McMahon family since the 1980s.

The amendment from DeSantis to deem WWE as an essential business came on April 9. Also on April 9, Linda McMahon announced that her SuperPac to help re-elect Trump would spend $18.5 million in Tampa and Orlando.

Shortly after is when reports began to surface that WWE would resume running live shows at the PC every week. Dave Meltzer reported that the reason why Vince McMahon insisted on going live again is that he didn’t want to give USA and/or FOX a reason to cancel their TV contracts since they have already reached their limit on how many taped shows they can do per year. The USA Network contract allows for only 3 taped shows per year.

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