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Former ECW Champion Disappointed With RAW Steel Cage Match, Talks WWE Ratings & More

Former ECW Champion and WWE Superstar Justin Credible has published a new column at Credible reacts to Monday's RAW, looking at both good and bad points from the show, discusses WWE ratings and more. This week Justin Credible talks about staying in shape on his Pro Wrestling 101 video series. Here are some highlights from his article:

"The Tag Title match between The New Age Outlaws vs The Rhodes Bros in a steel cage was a huge disappointment for me. I really like both teams, and they are capable of better than this especially with the cage. You know it’s bad when it’s deadly silent, and then the fans started the CM Punk chants. I hope these guys step it up for their ppv match, which I assume they will have."

"I waited to publish this report until I got the ratings for Raw. After weeks, and weeks of bad decisions, and bad TV Raw lost over 500,000 viewers from last week. Not a good sign that fans are turning off, so close to the launch of the WWE Network. WWE can’t be too happy with the non ratings impact of the returning Batista. In a way this could be a good thing. The WWE fans are obviously not happy with the direction of the WWE. In my opinion, as a fan, the WWE has been dropping the ball since Summer Slam. I think that this number will put them on notice, and I hope that they come back with a more compelling show."

You can read Justin Credible's column, "The Justin Credible Report" in its entirety at this link.

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