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Former Impact Wrestling champion already at the WWE Performance Center

It looks like WWE is snagging another big name adding to their already extensive collection of outstanding talent which seems to only grow with time. There was rumor and innuendo that Ethan Carter III could be showing up at the Royal Rumble this year as a surprise entrant in the big match.

If you’re wondering why someone like EC3 could get the “AJ Styles treatment” at the Royal Rumble this year, then just look at all the amazing current WWE Superstars he’s done battle with and how they might be a huge influence in the decision backstage. After all, he was the top name in TNA for a very long time while playing the role of Dixie Carter’s spoiled nephew.

So with the Royal Rumble coming up fast, this kind of report is going to get people thinking. PW Insider reports Ethan Carter III was spotted at the WWE Performance Center on Tuesday. It should also be noted that EC3 owns his name from Impact Wrestling so if WWE wants to use it, they certainly can.

This could certainly get the rumor mill churning in regards to an EC3 debut in Philly. Afer all, Philly fans would certainly pop for him seeing how well known he is. Only time will tell if he’ll be presented as a heel or a babyface in WWE, but it looks like it might be only a matter of time before we find out.

Wait, what? Daniel Bryan is a favorite to win the Royal Rumble this year?

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