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Former Impact Wrestling star is at this week's WWE NXT tryouts in Orlando



WWE has confirmed (via their Instagram stories) that former Impact Wrestling star Chelsea Green was one of the names at the NXT tryouts this week in Orlando. Green has been WWE's radar for some time and there were rumors about her making the jump after she left Impact several months ago.

Green got her start in 2014 under the name Jaida. Most fans got to see her on national television for the first time when she was brought in to play the role of Megan Miller, Daniel Bryan's physical therapist, on an episode of Raw in 2014. She was brought back in 2015 for the Tough Enough revival that aired on the USA Network and the feeling on her was that she would eventually get signed by WWE.

Green is good in the ring but she finally got to show what she could do on the microphone and as a completely different character when she portrayed the demented/crazy/bridezilla character Laurel Van Ness in Impact Wrestling.

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Squared Circle Sirens' Casey Michael noted this week that Green was originally advertised for Bar Wrestling but it looks like she pulled out in favor of the WWE tryouts.

In a somewhat related note, Mark Henry has been working at the Performance Center as a coach this week.

UPDATE: Former Impact Wrestling star, who became a free agent last September, was also at the tryouts this week.