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It looks like WWE is interested in bringing back another act from Triple H's days as the head of NXT.

Fightful Select reports that there have been discussions about AOP, Akam and Rezar, returning to the company. There's also been talk about Paul Ellering returning too. Ellering was their manager in NXT.

AOP was a monster tag team in NXT. During their NXT run, they won the Tag Team Titles and the 2016 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. They are also former Raw Tag Team Champions. 

AOP was moved up to the main roster in 2018 but the team was pulled from TV once Rezar suffered a triceps injury. Paul Ellering told the "Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling" podcast that there were plans for them to return to TV.

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“The idea was to bring me back in, but then this Corona stuff came up," Ellering said. "Then the guys got hurt and they were out a while, so everything got put on the back shelf and I don’t know where it sits now.”

It sounds like they may get another shot with WWE now with Triple H heading the creative end of things.