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Former top TNA star in the Royal Rumble?; Update on Rey Mysterio’s WWE status

There may have been talks going on between Bully Ray and TNA in recent days, according to a PWI report this morning. This is not a sure bet but there are rumors that he and Devon could brought in to the Royal Rumble as surprise entrants this Sunday. When Team 3D’s contracts expired with TNA Bully seemed to be pushing for a WWE return. He flat out said to Bill Apter in a recent interview that he’d like to have another run in WWE and feels it’s something the fans want to see. Bully has had talks with TNA management of late as well about a return. His girlfriend Velvet Sky currently works in TNA and is rumored to be the person to get the “fired” briefcase on this coming Friday’s episode of Impact so she would be free and clear to work elsewhere as well. The Feast or Fired segment was taped this past week.

For anyone wondering about Rey Mysterio, Dave Meltzer noted this morning on Wrestling Observer radio that there is a slim chance that Rey Mysterio will be in the Royal Rumble. There is a slim chance that we’ll see him in a WWE ring again. Melzer noted that right now there are games being played on both sides. As noted several weeks ago, there were plans to bring him back and WWE creative was told in November to come up with plans for him. Those plans were dropped.

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