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Former Total Divas star appearing on MTV reality show

When a WWE Superstar is released you never know where they’ll pop up next.

MTV’s The Challenge: Champs vs Stars will see several people outside of their element except for the champs who pretty much compete on The Challenge for a living now. This latest special edition of The Challange will feature stars from all avenues of entertainment squaring off against regulars of The Challenge and one of those stars is former WWE Diva Cameron.

Seriously, some of the people on The Challenge are pretty impressive and I could certainly see a couple of them transitioning into being a WWE Superstar if William Regal ever showed up to a day of taping out in the middle of nowhere or wherever they’re filming on that particular day. Now it looks like Cameron is going to get a chance to see if she has what it takes to hang with these champs of MTV’s most brutal reality television show competition.

The Challenge: Champs vs Stars starts on November 21st and it looks like it will be a drama-filled season for sure.

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