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Former WCW star Crowbar explains how he cured his speech impediment

Former WCW star Crowbar was on Tommy Dreamer’s “House of Hardcore” podcast this week to talk about his stints with WWE, ECW, WCW, TNA, ROH, and his recent appearance on AEW Dark: Elevation. He also talked about his love for wrestling how Diamond Dallas Page has changed lives, the call he got from AEW, and more.

Crowbar talking about his speech impediment:

“I did very few promos in WCW. It just wasn’t in the character. I did a couple of goofy things backstage. One of the things we did do, and it was a live promo back and forth. Terry Funk was in the ring with the microphone, I was on the stage with Daffney, and we had a back and forth exchange live. The fact that I’m having this exchange with Terry Funk is crazy. It was nerve racking at the time. I grew up as a kid, I was a heavy, fat kid with the worst speech impediment you could imagine. When we had to read in school and they would go up and down the rows for each kid to read a chapter, I would be in fear and it would take forever. So that was never my strong suit. Fast forward years later, I get involved in pro wrestling where you have to promo in order to be successful. Now I’m going out there. Prior to that, we had all pretapes in the back, funny stuff, this and that. If it gets screwed up, we could always tape it again.  Now they’re giving me the mic live against Terry Funk, I know I could do it, I’m excited about it, but there’s a little bit of fear of, what if I start reverting back to 5-year old Chris Ford on live TV? It was nerve racking, but at the same time, it turned out great. I had that moment of a back and forth exchange on live wrestling TV with Terry Funk. It was amazing.”

Crowbar was asked how he cured his speech impediment:

“I think a big part of it comes with maturing and becoming an adult, being successful in life, and gaining confidence. I think a big part of what caused this was just not being a confident and outgoing kid. I was a very introverted kid. I was a recluse. I didn’t have a lot of friends and I think that was a very big part of it. Fast forward, wrestling gives you an incredible amount of confidence, especially once I got to WCW and I was seeing success and I was doing well.”

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