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Former WCW/WWE star Marc Mero to have heart surgery

Marc Mero

Former WCW/WWE star Marc Mero will be getting heart surgery on 6/16 in Cleveland, Ohio. Diamond Dallas Page is asking his followers to send prayers and positive vibes to Mero. We wish him nothing but the best. In recent years, through his Champion of Choices non-profit, Mero has been teaching kids about the dangers of bullying, the dangers of drugs and helping them empower them to own their own lives.

Mero has dealt with several health issues during the last decade. He has a deteriorating spine and has had eight major surgeries for different wrestling-related injuries. He stated in 2007 that the needed to get a heart valve transplant and he almost underwent heart surgery in 2014 but tests showed that his enlarged heart had shrunk. In interviews, he has been open about his use of steroids during his wrestling career.

Here is what Mero said on his Facebook account:

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Darlene and I just left the Cleveland Clinic for my annual heart checkup. Unfortunately it wasn't the good news we have received on previous visits. At first we were shocked but realize it's all in Gods hands. There are so many people that have it much worse than I. People fighting to survive, people that have a terminal illness or lost a loved one. We are looking up with thanksgiving. We serve a mighty Big God. We are so thankful I have the best surgeon in the country! Dr Lars Svenson will be operating on my heart on June 16th in Cleveland, Ohio. I need surgery to replace my aorta and my heart valve. Thank you to our friends and family for your support, thoughts and prayers. Love you all!