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Former WWE Champion says CM Punk was "so bad" in the UFC

CM Punk's run with the UFC, although it's not officially over yet, has been terrible. Punk walked away from WWE back in January of 2014 citing several issues with the company. He later signed a multi-fight deal with the UFC before announcing his intentions to transition into mixed martial arts (MMA).

Despite linking up with one of the sport's best gyms in the world, Rouffussport, Punk was defeated in his professional MMA debut. He spent two-straight years training for his debut fight but was submitted by jiu-jitsu ace Mickey Gall in their welterweight contest at UFC 203 in September of 2016.

Nearly two more years later, Punk was given a second opportunity inside the Octagon. This time he fought former Houston Golden Gloves winner, and MMA journalist, Mike Jackson. Jackson handled Punk for the entirety of the fight and could have finished the contest at any point. However, he chose to drag the affair out to an extremely lopsided unanimous decision victory, which was not received well by UFC President Dana White.

Punk remains under contract with the UFC, however, a third fight with the promotion is unlikely, and he's expected to be cut in the near future. Former WWE Champion Sid Vicious was recently interviewed by Hannibal TV. "Psycho Sid" commented on Punk's jump to MMA, which he detailed as "so bad":

"I actually followed it. I followed UFC. I didn't understand it really. He was getting a little bit better. You understand why he wanted to be a fighter," said Vicious. "He was so bad. You know yourself, there's a lot of guys in the locker room in the last couple months since the UFC has taken off, that some of the boys are doing that on the side, they did that before UFC or they have a fight coming up.

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"Those guys aren't doing that. They're making it up. UFC is like, if you remember in school, in recess and lunch, tenth grade or above, if you didn't have recess so you'd have P.E. and only time you'd have to relax is after lunch. So that's when the fights would always happen so everyone would be running to see a fight and there's only two people fighting.

"A lot of people want to fight. So that's what I see. The boys say they wanna do it. You gotta tip your hat to him. He went out there and got beat up bad. He still tried it. I think, and I only know this and I'm just guessing, that he had a bad falling out with WWE and not being that good.

"I would have done it for $250 bucks (laughs). I would love to have trained, that would have been fun to do and grind that out. That was something just to sell some tickets."

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions