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Former WWE Creative Writer remembers the late Dusty Rhodes

Former WWE Creative Writer Andrew Goldstein has published a new column at about his thought and memories on the late WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. Here is an excerpt from his article:

“It was 2006 and we were brainstorming the creative for the upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view event. This was during the age of the Spirit Squad. And what better way to get a bunch of male cheerleaders over than to have them face a “dream” team of beloved wrestling legends. And “dream” team it was, because our fellow creative team member, mentor, and “con-thig-lier-ay” (as he mis-pronounced it) Dusty Rhodes was booked to captain the team. We were so excited to see our legendary co-worker, “The American Dream” dust off his workin’ cowboy boots, throw a couple knee pads over his Wrangler Jeans, and get “funky like a monkey” one more time!”

“As a group we all suggested possible names of other wrestling legends that could fill out the rest of the team. Most of the names came from the agent/producer side of the ledger. Guys like Sarge, Ted DiBiase, IRS, and Ricky Steamboat who all worked backstage with us. (Quick aside, apparently in 2006, Richard Blood no longer owned the rights to his working name “Steamboat” anymore, and as it was told to us, he had lost it in his divorce and therefore we couldn’t use “The Dragon” in any on camera “working” capacity. Talk about “Hard Times”! Luckily that issue was resolved years later as we saw Steamer and Y2J tear it up for an incredible series of matches in 2009.) Anyway… if you were a wrestling legend and could still walk, your name was put on the table.”

You can read Andrew Goldstein’s column, “Goldstein on Rasslin” in its entirety at this link.


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