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Former WWE Diva Maxine talks about requesting her WWE release, wrestling in front of 5 people, & more

by Now Hear This

Former WWE Diva Maxine is the feature of a special edition of the “Now Hear This Entertainment” podcast, which is free and available at well as on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and SoundCloud). The show has gotten listenership from around the U.S. and at least 20 other countries, and has previously featured a 2013 participant on “The Voice,” a top 12 finisher on “American Idol,” a Blues Hall of Famer, the lead guitar player for Garth Brooks, and more.

Just a few highlights of what you’ll hear in the interview with Karlee:

  • who from the WWE she’d mention in an acceptance speech for an Oscar or an Emmy
  •  “grown men throwing up over the top rope during our practices”
  • debating “with people all day long about ‘wrestling’s fake’,”
  • being “in better shape now than when I was in the business.”
  • “Torn ACLs are normal in that business, that was happening daily.”
  • “Doing shows in front of five people in cement parking lots and the majority of the people were missing their teeth.”
  • leaving WWE “to pursue a dream.” (“I was so scared when I left WWE. … Nobody could tell, I can say it now, nobody knew. I remember sitting in that office saying I wanted my release and they looked at me like I was crazy.”)
  • having been bullied in middle school and high school
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