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Former WWE Diva rips TNA, says TNA is a big step down, & wanted to punch Dixie Carter

Lisa Marie Varon (aka Victoria in WWE, aka Tara in TNA) is the guest on this week's Ross Report. She talked about how she got into pro wrestling, Survivor Series 2002, WrestleMania 20, being in the first Divas cage match on Monday Night Raw, and she talks about her time in TNA. She doesn't hold back on her relationship with Dixie Carter.

Ross asked her about her time in TNA so she dedicated a few minutes to TNA. She said she wasn't too happy towards the end of her run in TNA. She said she was used as a valet towards the end and wasn't getting respect from Dixie Carter. She said that she helped promote TNA shows in Chicago and paid a publicist $2,000 a month for 3 months to help get the word out about TNA there. She said that TNA sent her a flyer with another girl on it even though Lisa was the local girl. Lisa said she went to Dixie and asked if she knew about all the work that she was putting in to help promote the show in Chicago. Dixie's response was "yea, I heard." It turned out to be a huge crowd (their biggest crowd) but Lisa ended up spending $6,000 to help promote TNA's show.

She talked about do an appearance in the suburbs at a pizza place. She said that the girls got an email saying that they need to mention how it was the best pizza they ever had. Lisa said she did an event at her pizza place and the girls brought up the email about other pizza place. Lisa said she doesn't like confrontation. She said the email was written by two of the office people in TNA and they ended up showing up to Lisa's pizza place. Lisa said that every word came out of her mouth including the F word. She said Bruce Pritchard called her over and she said WWE would never disrespect her that way. Basically TNA disrepected her by plugging another place even though she spent $6,000 of her own money to help promote the TNA show.

Lisa said that she doesn't use the "C" word but told Bruce Pritchard "the day I quit my job, I'm gonna punch that c*nt right in the face." Pritchard said, "you'll be doing all of us a favor." She said Dixie is difficult to work with and doesn't know the business. Lisa said that when she would do interviews she'd talk about how great it is to have a female boss but she would want to vomit in her mouth becuase she was only saying what she was supposed to say.

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She said that WWE has a department for everything. She said one time she found out on twitter that she was booked on a TNA pay-per-view and coming from WWE to TNA is a big step down. Ross asked if Dixie's lack of business acument is the reason TNA doesn't make it. Lisa said that she does drink specials when she does TNA night because no one comes into the restaurant for TNA nights. She said it all started when Dixie became a character on TV. She said that there was a customer named Dan that would come in because he would feel sorry for Lisa because she'd be watching TNA by herself. Ross said that all of the people we're pulling for in TNA are getting paid. Lisa said she hopes they are getting paid what they deserve and she enjoys watching the wrestlers work. She wondered where everyone will go if something happens to TNA.

She also gives her opinion on the current WWE Divas such as Paige, Charlotte, and AJ Lee. Varon is doing well these days. She runs "The Squared Circle" restaurant in Chicago. Check out her restaurant by clicking here. Follow her at @RealLisaMarie on twitter if you want to follow her or get in contact with her for a wrestling or speaking event.

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