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Former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson reportedly dumps Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez

Page Six reported today that former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson has dumped her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees. Wilson reportedly dumped him because he wasn't ready to commit and because his ex-wife, Cynthia Scurtis, still plays a large role in his life.

One source noted, "Alex and Torrie would fight over his flirtations with other women, and he wasn’t ready to settle down again." Another source added "Cynthia continues to play a large role in Alex’s personal life and business affairs, even though she recently got engaged to someone else."

Wilson and Rodriguez have been together since 2011 and she was seen by the Yankee organization as a good, calming influence in his life. Wilson will remain in Los Angeles while she works on acting.

Rordriguez was suspended for the 2013 season following the Biogenesis scandal where he and other players in the league allegedly received performance enhancing drugs. He is set to return to training camp for the Yankees later this month. Wilson and Rodriguez have not commented on the story.

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