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Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas reveals what WrestleMania match is his proudest career moment

Jimmy Korderas

Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas appeared on this week's "House Of Hardcore" podcast to talk about his proudest moment as a referee, getting injured at WrestleMania IV, and another incident that resulted in torn ligaments.

Jimmy Korderas was asked what his proudest moment as a referee in WWE was:

"WrestleMania 24 and getting to referee the main event with Undertaker and Edge," Jimmy said.

"Being a part of that match, which I wasn't originally scheduled to referee, was absolutely probably the biggest moment of my career."

Korderas talking about getting injured at WrestleMania IV:

"I'm refereeing the Intercontinental Championship match with Brutus Beefcake challenging the Honky Tonk Man who's the Intercontinental Champion, accompanied by Jimmy Hart."

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"Jimmy Hart jumps up on the apron. I go to him and I start telling him to get down. When I turn around, he waffles me in the back with the megaphone and ‘knocks me out’, which is what's supposed to happen," he continued.

"So he hits me with a megaphone. I want to take the bump, but I put my hands down on the mat to brace myself to land. But when I did, my hands shot out, and the sweet spot right here hit the canvas, and that was it. That's all I remember from that match. The last thing I remember is just blanked out."

Korderas said there was another incident where he tore ligaments in his thumb:

"I went to slide out of the ring, and my thumb caught the apron, and ended up parallel with my wrist, and I said, this is not good."

"I continued the match. This was an afternoon show at Maple Leaf Gardens. I'm driving the Legion of Doom to the airport with a couple other guys in the van with my thumb in a bucket of ice. I dropped them off at the airport. Then I go to drop off the van and I go to get my car."

"Then finally, you know, it looks like I'm holding a football, and I said I better get it looked at. So I got there and they did all the stuff in and they said. 'Oh yeah, you tore a ligament and it's dislocated and all that.’ I had a pin put in there and all this sort of stuff. So I had to call the office and say 'Listen, getting surgery done on my right hand. What should I do? I'm going to be in a cast.' They said, 'Can you count with your left?' I said, 'I guess I can.' He says, 'Okay, no worries, you're not going to miss any time."

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