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Former WWE star Austin Aries responds to claim that he made a woman kiss his testicles to "teach a lesson"



Former WWE/Impact Wrestling star Austin Aries took to Twitter today to deny that he sexually abused someone. It's unclear when the alleged incident happened but Aries said the following about this in a now-deleted tweet from 2020:

"A rib? No, I was proving a point and teaching a lesson. And it was quite effective. I tell the story in my EP1 @BeTransparency"

Last night, Aries said that an "anonymous reporter" took a story and twisted it to create a "completely diferent narrative."

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Aries tweeted: "Here’s another example of some anonymous reporter taking a story and twisting it to create a completely different narrative. There was absolutely no 'sexual abuse.' Zero. She didn’t belong in the locker room and showed why with her inappropriate actions. Feign outrage elsewhere."

Aries also had a Twitter exchange with David Bixenspan and the conversation also referenced the time when Aries shoved his crotch in Christy Hemme's face on a live TNA show.

On the incident with Christy Hemme, Aries said, "I would have done the same if it was a guy announcer. I was being a dismissive jerk for getting my name wrong. In character. Not off camera. And my crotch was literally the last thing on my mind. It wasn’t appropriate, I was being a bad guy. But it also wasn’t sexual harassment."

You can see some of the tweets below.