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Former WWE star Bo Dallas is back, in great shape, and he is teasing that "something is cooking"



Taylor Rotunda, also known as former WWE star Bo Dallas, has kept a low profile for the last couple of years and he has not said much since he was released by WWE in April but he is back on social media.

Rotunda tweeted a link to his YouTube channel and told fans to "stay tuned for October 1st."

It's not clear if the October 1st tease is related to pro wrestling or something else he is working on but his return to social media is interesting since his brother Windham Rotunda (former WWE star Bray Wyatt) is expected to make his return to television soon and rumors suggest that he will either land in AEW or Impact Wrestling.

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The last we heard on Bo Dallas is that he is currently living with/dating a current WWE star and they were preparing to start a real estate business so they could prepare for life after wrestling.

The last time Dallas was seen on television was late 2019 as part of the B-Team with Curtis Axel. Prior to his release, Dallas teased a return to NXT but that obviously never happened.