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Former WWE star Bray Wyatt (Windham Rotunda) posted a new cryptic message on his social media accounts.

His message talked about the good and bad of the wrestling business and there seemed to be some references to some of the biggest names in the business including The Undertaker, Kane, The Rock, and Ric Flair. He also seemed to reference AEW and Ring Of Honor, among other things.

What this all means is anyone's guess as fans continue to speculate on when Wyatt will make his return to pro wrestling. Here is the entire message:

"Wrestling is not a love story, it's a Fairy Tale for masochists. A comedy for people who criticize punchlines. A fantasy most can't understand, a spectacle no one can deny. Lines are blurred. Heroes are villains. Budgets are cut. Business is business.

But it can also be a land where Dead men walk. Where Honor makes you Elite. Where Demons run for office. And Rock bottom is a reason to rejoice. W00000! It's an escape. A reason to point the blame at anyone but yourself for 2-3 hours. An excuse to be a kid again, and nothing matters except the moment we are in. Wrestling is not a love story, it's much more. It's hope.

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And in a world surrounded in hate, greed and violence, a world where closure may never come. We all know a place that has hot and cold hope on tap. For better or for worse."