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Former WWE star Candice Michelle opens up on career-ending injury

Former WWE Women’s Champion Candice Michelle recently participated in a TED TALK in Youngstown, Ohio. During the event, Michelle talked about several topics in regards to her professional wrestling career. In 2004 Michelle was signed to WWE after being discovered in a Divas Search. Michelle spent five years with WWE, in which she won a Women’s title. However, Michelle was released from the WWE in June of 2009.

In October of 2007, however, Michelle suffered an injury during a match with Beth Phoenix that would eventually end her career. Michelle discussed the injury during her TED TALK:

“I was making history in the women’s division, I went from doing pudding and lingerie matches to a semi-main event. I was trying everything in my repertoire to keep her down (Beth Phoenix), clotheslines, dropkicks, and spinning heel kicks. I climbed up on the second rope but nothing would keep her down for a 3 count.

“She was a bigger, stronger opponent over me and I knew I needed to go to the top. I sauntered so tiredly to that turnbuckle. I remember putting my first boot on the second rope and I swung my other leg over. My legs felt like cement and my arms started to shake but I pushed right through it up to the top.

“Next thing I remember is barely being able to see Stephanie McMahon leaning over me saying, ‘Don’t worry your husband is being flown in.’ I knew this was real because they never fly your husband in. The diagnosis that night was a concussion and I shattered my collarbone and it shattered my dreams of every wrestling again.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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