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Former WWE star Dean Ambrose drops a big teaser and he has changed his name

The man formerly known on Dean Ambrose just dropped a big hint on his future.

There was some speculation that he would take some time off from professional wrestling to recharge his batteries and maybe return to WWE. Others have said that he’s probably retiring.

Well, you can put all of the retirement speculation to rest because it looks like he does indeed plan on wrestling again and it looks like he will be stepping in the ring soon.

The former WWE Superstar doesn’t tweet but he surprised fans today with a video hyping a return to the old Jon Moxley character. He has also changed his Twitter name to @JonMoxley.

The video starts off with Moxley pacing back and forth in a jail cell before eventually breaking through a brick wall and making a run for it as he jumps over a fence while being chased by dogs. The barbed wire gets caught on his hand as he makes it to the other side of the fence and then the shots of him training along with shots of him walking the streets lead up to a final shot of him before “MOX” appears on the screen.

The jail reference appears to be a reference to his years “locked up” in WWE and now he is free.

Check out the teaser below:

Moxley is keeping his plans a closely guarded secret but many people in WWE believe he will end up with All Elite Wrestling. AEW’s Double Or Nothing pay-per-view will take place in Las Vegas where Moxley lives and there are unannounced surprises planned for the show.

Moxley in AEW sure would seem like a good fit.

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