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Former WWE star Eva Marie claims she was barred from airline business class over her outfit

Qantas Airways is drawing some backlash for alleged gender discrimination for not allowing a woman in their business class lounge over what she was wearing.

The woman making the accusation is Natalie Marie Coyle, known to wrestling fans as former WWE Superstar Eva Marie.

Eva says she was trying to get into Qantas Airways business lounge at Australia’s Melbourne Airport last Thursday but she was not allowed to enter, even though she purchased a business class ticket.

Eva tweeted, “In 2020 @qantas airlines Melbourne won’t allow a woman holding a business class ticket to enter their business class lounge in active wear. My business IS fitness and an active lifestyle. Qantas prefers their women in a dress. #genderdiscrimination #qantas”

Eva said that her issue was not about Qantas’ policy that prohibits “head-to-toe gym wear” but it’s about a double standard.

She tweeted, “Clarification: This is NOT a dresscode issue, I support a businesses right to enforce equitable dresscode standards. However, My husband was allowed in no problem wearing this. While I was kicked out wearing this. My issue is that standards should be equitably enforced @Qantas.”

The fans on Eva’s timeline have come to her defense while ripping on the airline. Check out her tweet on the situation below.

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