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Former WWE star is officially a free agent and now able to sign with AEW



As of today (midnight), former WWE star Jeff Hardy is a free agent, which means that he is now legally able to sign with All Elite Wrestling and he can reunite with his brother on a national stage.

As it was noted earlier, Matt Hardy said on social media that he plans on changing his attitude and he is sorry for taking advantage of younger wrestlers (in storyline). Hardy took the pinfall loss at AEW Revolution during the AHFO vs. Sammy Guevara/Sting/Darby Allin match.

It is widely believed that Jeff will be signing with AEW and he is scheduled to be backstage at tonight's Dynamite so there is a chance that he could appear on tonight's show. Jeff was released by WWE in December after the company cited "erratic" behavior during a house show.

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Jeff passed a breathalyzer test and his drug test results came back clean. It was later reported that WWE tried to convince Jeff to return to the company and a Hall Of Fame induction was offered. Obviously, a WWE return is not happening and it looks like Team Xtreme will be back in action very soon on AEW television.