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Former WWE star Jillian Hall says recent doctor visit left her “shocked and violated”

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Former WWE star Jillian Hall says recent doctor visit left her “shocked and violated”

Former WWE Superstar Jillian Hall is calling out a doctor’s office for doing something that she says left her “shocked and violated.” Hall says that someone did a Google search on her and was looking at a mugshot of her from years ago.

She wrote:

“Came across a situation that really upset me today. Was at a dr appt and walked out of the back to see staff looking at a large computer screen with myself pulled up on google featuring a mugshot from an awful time in my life. I immediately felt shocked & violated…This dr’s office has all of my personal info. I’ve never spoken with the receptionists about being a wrestler and this was very embarrassing to me. I’m not sure how to handle the situation but was brought to tears with embarrassment and anger! They had no good excuse to do this..Since that I’ve had a very emotional day. I spoke with a PA about it but she completely covered for them which angered me more. I don’t know if I should let it go or file a formal complaint. It’s an awful feeling not knowing what “professionals” r doing with your private info.”

She said the following when asked about the name of the doctor’s office: “The pain management group in Hendersonville, TN. This is the office that was extremely unprofessional today. I guess I should file the complaint.”


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