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Former WWE star JTG points out that Hulk Hogan said something worse than the N-word

Hulk Hogan might be in the good graces of WWE management but he has yet to win over current and former WWE Superstars. It’s no secret that The New Day and Titus O’Neil, among others, did not buy Hogan’s speech to the locker room a few weeks ago in Pittsburgh, PA.

You can add JTG to the list of wrestlers who are skeptical. JTG also points out that the worst part of the leaked audio was not the fact that Hogan used the N-word. JTG said, “See, not only did my hero use the n-word in the context that he did, he also admitted to being racist. Lets put aside for a second that he said “F***ing N****RS,” lets focus on the fact Hulk Hogan ADMITTED to being a racist!”

He continued, “On the video that derailed Hogan’s wrestling career and that made international news, he said: “I am a racist, to a point, f**king n****rs.” There’s no need for me to post the whole transcript. That sentence alone is vile, disgusting and wasn’t a mistake, but an admission of his character or lack thereof. Not only did Hogan confess to being a racist, he made a point to say ” F**king N****rs” at the end, which was really unnecessary.”

JTG echoed the sentiment of others in the business that he didn’t sound like he was apologizing for what he said. Instead, according to those who were there for his speech, Hogan seemed to be sorry for getting caught on tape. “Honestly, when I hear Hogan asking for forgiveness, his sorry doesn’t sound genuine to me,” JTG said. “I don’t hear the heartfelt passion of a man looking to right a wrong and heal a community he realizes he hurt. Instead, Hogan comes off to me as though he’s actually only apologizing for getting caught.”

That doesn’t mean that the door is closed for Hogan to make things right. JTG said that he grew up as a Hulkamaniac but he is no longer a fan but he doesn’t hate him. “I don’t hate Hogan, though his words revealed he may hate guys who look like me. I hope Hogan does really recognize what he did and truly strives to atone for it. But until then, I’m hanging up my HULKAMANIAC Jersey.”

He closed by saying, “So, Hogan, the ball is in your court, BROTHER! Whatcha gonna do, when Black wrestling fans and African Americans worldwide have turned their backs on YOU!”

You can read his excellent column by clicking here.


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