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Former WWE star Kalisto says battle with COVID-19 nearly ended him

Samuray Del Sol, also known as Kalisto from his time in WWE, posted a message on his Instagram account to detail his past battle with COVID-19 last August.

In the post, he noted he was hospitalized for the entire month of August and nearly had two heart attacks in addition to the virus and a stomach ulcer. He wrote the following:

“COVID nearly ended me..the whole month of August i was hospitalized…dodging death again in my life, nearly having two heart attacks on top of covid and stomach ulcer, only had a day to prepare for my return on tv…beyond my belief I thought I never get this bad, but i took that as a sign, really trained hard and rolled the dice and Lucha. 2022 is all I focus on…LUCHA always like there’s no tomorrow.. LUCHA is my life and my LIFE is LUCHA.. #onemorego #gloat #lucha stay safe everyone #greatful #blessed everyone deserves the world.”

Samuray was released by WWE in April 2021. He worked a tag team match with Aero Star against AAA Tag Team Champions FTR on the November 3rd edition of AEW Dynamite. However, he got backlash because he mentioned on social media after the match by stating he “prayed and talked” with the late great Jon Huber (Brodie Lee) before the match.

He also received criticism by misspelling Huber’s first name and was called out by Lee’s widow, Amanda Huber, and Chris Jericho. It was reported at the time that many in AEW were upset by the tweet.

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