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Former WWE star reportedly in rough shape

According to fan reports, former WWE star Marty Jannetty was kicked out of several bars during WrestleMania weekend.

We got one report from someone that spotted Jannetty acting erratic outside of the Hyatt Regency on 4/1. Another person emailed us on 4/3 to tell us that Jannetty looked like he was under the influence and it was still mid-afternoon. Also, as you can see in one of the tweets below, Jannetty was spotted by fans in the hotel fountain inside the lobby and, according to people that saw him, seemed to be under the influence. Jannetty was said to be telling people to watch out for sharks.

Jannetty’s last wrestling appearance was on 4/12 in Las Vegas for the Cauliflower Allery Club’s Casino Royale event and we’re told that he was not looking well there either.

It’s no secret that his ankles have been in very bad shape for many years and he’s been dealing with the pain while continuing to wrestle at independent shows. One of his ankles is positioned sideways and the other one requires a cast. Jannetty has said in the past that he needs surgery but he can’t afford it and he has criticized WWE for not helping him.

Jannetty is scheduled to appear at the Days of the Dead convention in Indianapolis. His former WWE tag team partner Shawn Michaels is also scheduled to be there at the event. We hope everything is ok with Marty.

Wrestlemania 32 will be known as the year of Jannetty

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