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Former WWE star rips Vince McMahon and WWE’s 'culture of fear and abuse of power'

Former WWE star Maria Kanellis-Bennett shared her thoughts on the current situation involving Vince McMahon, who allegedly paid a former $3 million in a settlement to stay quiet regarding their sexual relations.

WWE is also investigating other nondisclosure agreements that involve misconduct claims made by other former female WWE employees about McMahon and WWE’s head of talent relations John Laurinaitis.

It was announced today that Stephanie McMahon has been named the interim CEO and Chairwoman of WWE, with Vince McMahon voluntarily stepping down in these roles. Vince is still in charge of WWE creative and is slated to appear on tonight’s episode of SmackDown in character.

The former WWE star initially shared an article on WWE’s statement announcing the leadership change and then started responding to fans on Twitter.

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“There are a lot of good people that work there. WWE employs hundreds of people. Let’s just hope the company is bought out by someone/company that will treat WWE like a business and not a boys club. Health insurance, retirement plans, parental leave, vacation days, child care, and a clear direction for the future. This is going to be an anxiety-filled time for a lot of people that work there. Hopefully, the COMPANY CULTURE will change. And people will still have jobs they love to feed their families.”

Maria also noted that she hopes the changes will benefit the talent in the end.

During a May 2021 interview, Maria discussed her belief that doesn’t do enough for women’s wrestling and questioned Stephanie’s advocacy for female talent.