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Former WWE star says Vince McMahon in talks to sell the company to ESPN/FOX



Former WWE manager/personality Dutch Mantell is claiming on Twitter that he's heard that WWE is for sale with negotiations happening with ESPN and FOX.

The story has gained quite a bit of traction on social media in the last 24 hours. I reached out to someone in WWE about this and I was told that there have been no talks with ESPN and/or FOX about selling the company to them.

On the recent investor's conference call, Vince McMahon did talk about the possibility of selling the WWE Network to ESPN or FOX. However, due to the current economic situation, TV networks like ESPN and FOX are not looking to make major acquisitions at this time. Over the last few years, McMahon has not shut the door down on possibly selling WWE but it was more of a "never say never" type of answer whenever it has come up on investor calls.

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So, just to be clear, the WWE source I spoke with said that Dutch's tweet is not accurate and there are no talks right now about selling the company.