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Former WWE star shows interest in return to the company

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Former WWE star shows interest in return to the company

A few years ago, we would have never thought that WWE would bring back wrestlers over a certain age or from certain promotions. Now, WWE seems to be more open to bringing back wrestlers of all shapes and sizes especially if they have name value.

Bobby Lashley, 41, returned on Monday Night Raw because they see money in him. AJ Styles is 40 and he is the top babyface on Smackdown Live. So, would WWE bring back someone like MVP?

If they are interested then he would entertain an offer from them. MVP, who was last seen in a backstage cameo appearance on the Raw 25th anniversary show, said on Twitter that he would be open to returning if WWE were interested.

The 44-year old still wrestles on the independent scene. I wouldn’t rule out a WWE return for MVP because the company seems to be open to bringing back former Superstars if it makes sense. Vince McMahon might not be too fond of wrestling managers but perhaps he would consider bringing in MVP as Lashley’s manager?

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