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Former WWE star Toni Storm will launch an OnlyFans account this weekend



Former WWE star Toni Storm announced today that she will launch an OnlyFans account on March 19. Per Storm's Instagram, fans will have access to "exclusive content."

Storm moved up to WWE's main roster last year but it was a short run after a feud with Charlotte Flair. Her run with WWE end after she reportedly requested her release. At this time, there is still no official word from her on what led to her asking to be released.

Storm is taking independent bookings and if she is legally able to work in the bigger promotions, one has to assume that AEW, Impact Wrestling, and others companies will reach out to her.

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Storm was released by WWE on December 29, so if there's a 90-day non-compete in place then that means that she would become a free agent at the end of this month.