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An article posted by Slam Wrestling sheds new details on former WWE/WCW star Virgil's life and his health issues. The article also debunked some rumors about him that have been going around online for many years.

Virgil's friend and roommate Shawn Raneri confirmed that the former WWE star had two minor strokes and he has Stage One gastrointestinal cancer. He is also in the early stages of dementia.

The article also adds, per Virgil's friend Mark Charles III, that the Olive Garden stories are not real and the talk of breadsticks and "meat sauce" on social media is being done by a third party, similar to how The Iron Sheik has someone running his Twitter account.

Per Slam Wrestling, "Virgil doesn’t own or operate a computer and he just makes calls on a cell phone. Incidentally, Raneri says Virgil actually prefers Five Guys burger joints."

It was also noted in the story that Raneri helped Virgil out when he was close to being homeless. Another rumor that was debunked was that Virgil did not wrestle at Monroeville High School and he did not compile a 32-0 record at 186 pounds. Also, per Slam Wrestling, "Virgil never taught math or anything else as a high school teacher."

Sadly, because of the two strokes, Virgil does not have much use of his arms and he spends a lot of time at home watching TV. Slam Wrestling adds that Virgil's friends - including Tito Santana, Rick Martel, and Ted DiBiase - have not checked in on him since his health began deteriorating.

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