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Former WWE star Virgil rips Ted DiBiase for not calling him as he battles health issues

Former WWE/WCW star Virgil took to Twitter to shoot on Ted DiBiase for not reaching out to him. Virgil announced in April that he has dementia and had recently suffered 2 massive strokes. In May, he announced that he has stage 2 colon cancer.

Virgil included a 2020 article about DiBiase being accused of raking in more than 2 million dollars from the Mississippi welfare system. Last month, it was reported that the DiBiase family was named in a civil lawsuit filed by the Mississippi Department of Human Services. The state of Mississippi's lawsuit seeks $24 million to reclaim misused federal funds that were meant for welfare. The lawsuit lists Ted DiBiase Sr. owing $1,971,223, Ted DiBiase Jr. $2,897,487, and Brett DiBiase $824,258.

Virgil played the role of DiBiase's bodyguard on WWE television from 1987 until 1991.

Virgils tweet reads: "I’m sitting here hurting hustling my ass off and this guy doesn’t even bother f**king calling me asking me how I am. I try to do my best and get laughed at all these years later yet I am the one who has to do my best to make a buck to help with my problems. What a life"

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