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Former WWE star/trainer rips Bill DeMott and WWE's investigation, Bill DeMott comments

Former WWE Superstar and ex-WWE developmental trainer Dr. Tom Pritchard is the latest person to rip on Bill DeMott and the way WWE handled their investigation in 2013 after the allegations against DeMott were brought up to management. Pritchard was respected by many of the wrestlers. Here is what Pritchard wrote on his twitter account:

U know, with all the allegations coming out from not just a couple, but a LOT of people, you'd think there would have been a more thorough investigation... For Christ's sake, a PICTURE is worth 1000 words! How in the hell does anyone justify or defend that? I can't imagine the incredible arrogance, incompetence and outright "don't give a damn, I'm the boss and I'm going to run this place 'my way" attitude is unbelievable. One, two, maybe five disgruntled employees I can see... But more and more are coming forward every day!

It's not like no one knew!!! Why wasn't something done a long time ago? Hell, why was he even hired to come back and train anybody in the first place? Replace me, OK. I did call Canyon Semen a "Flaming F'N Asshole" to his face and for that I probably should have been fired. Using the excuse of not having a one year start to finish curriculum was a rib, but I get it. But when a talent(s) sends a confidential email and you claim to do a "full investigation" when in fact you didn't, then why isn't someone asking the question "Hey Canyon! Just who did you talk to, what did you ask them and by the way, what did you think of the picture of Gallows with a jelly doughnut in his ass giving Ryder the stink face??" Was THAT in YOUR goddam curriculum? I've remained silent but I have a lot to say. When the time's right. But the more shit I see, the more pissed I get. They can't claim ignorance. Stupidity, yes. But there were people in key positions who knew about his past and chose to ignore it. Why?

Hours later Bill DeMott wrote this on his twitter account, possibly in response to Pritchard's statement:

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