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Former WWE Superstar booked for first ROH shows



The Hurricane returned to WWE's picture during the 2018 Roya Rumble and he had a pretty nice showing in the match. He didn't spend a lot of time in the big over-the-top rope melee but he did have a pretty great spot with John Cena.

Hurricane Helms tried to chokeslam Cena and it didn't turn out the way he would have liked it, but this resurgence in his character sent out a very loud message to the rest of the pro wrestling world that a Hurricane could be coming at any minute once again.

Now Helms is booked for a string of ROH house shows which will be his first outings with the company. Helms is booked for the June 15th show in San Antonio, June 16th in Dallas, and June 30th in Fairfax VA. So if you're in the area it really might be worth your time to check out these shows.

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A guy like Hurricane who worked for so long in a backstage capacity with Impact Wrestling could be a valuable resource for any pro wrestling company. After all, he was instrumental in a lot of memorable moments during the Broken Hardy storyline. He could always come back to WWE in some way down the line so never rule that out because anything can happen in pro wrestling. But for now, it looks like he's still got some great friends in ROH and he'll have a wonderful time there as well.