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Former WWE Superstar denies ever working for steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez

The anticipation for Jon Bravo’s documentary that everyone was waiting for was intense and some considered it a bit of a let-down. If you’d like to know a more in-depth version of what was revealed you can check that out here. But during the documentary, Jon Bravo said there were documents concerning Daniel Puder and Richard Rodriguez said that the Tough Enough winner was a part-time employee of his.

Rodriguez said that Puder brought in high-profile clients in WWE and MMA and a document was shown which seems to back up this claim.

But as it turns out, Puder found it difficult to remember who Richard Rodriguez was as Dave Meltzer spoke about a conversation he had with him on Wrestling Observer Radio.

“I’ve known Daniel Puder since he was in high school just because he was a protegee of Frank Shamrock when he was very young and I obviously knew him after when he got into pro wrestling I knew him as well, pretty well. And he told me well enough to where I’m not saying I would necessarily know this but there are things that I would know that would lead me to believe that I should know this but I didn’t.”

“When I first brought it up he had no idea who Richard Rodriguez was,” Meltzer continued. “I just go, ‘you’re in the video dude,’ and he just goes: ‘are you talking about the gym owner in Miami?’ and I go, ‘yes the guy’s a gym owner in Miami.'”

“And he goes, ‘okay, now I know’ that they were in contact and they showed a deal that he claims was made [in the documentary] that he was doing. And [Puder] goes ‘[Rodriguez] told me he was a doctor and we talked but I never worked for him. I never took the deal, I got the deal. I never took the deal and that was that.’ That’s what he said.”

This could really poke some major holes in Rodriguez’s story because he even commented about how Puder was paid very well for his services. If more information is released on the devices once the DEA gives them to Bravo then we might have a different story to tell. But at this point, it might be a good idea to take everything with a grain of salt at this point.

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