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Former WWE Superstar Melina reveals that she was raped

Former WWE Superstar Melina Perez revealed on Facebook that she had been raped. Perez worked in WWE from 2004 to 2011 and she was the girlfriend of John Morrison (aka Johnny Mundo). Batista also said in his book that he was in a relationship with her. She does not mention when the rape occurred or who was the perpetrator.

On 12/16 she said, “Been raped, been grabbed, been cornered and told things that a guy wants to do even though I told him to stop. All unwanted. All made me feel helpless, uncomfortable and scared of what’s going to happen next. Different levels but all wrong regardless.”

She added, “Granted, being cornered to get harassed & being grabbed didnt lead me to want to commit suicide like rape did but all were life altering.”

She continued, “All made me feel like I had no power, I wasn’t safe, I had no value and I wasn’t a human being. That I was simply a thing. My worth, my purpose, my existence altered. If I say anything I’m a liar, exaggerating or looking for attention. So many suffer this helplessness in silence. Which I did for years.

I’m not looking to point fingers, I want to educate people on the subject, be here for victims and get those suffering in silence on the path to recovery. Sexual assault doesn’t just happen to women. Like Safe Horizon posted on Twitter:

“Sexual assault doesn’t discriminate and neither should we. #MeToo has to include women of color, immigrants, LGBTQ, people living with disabilities, children and teenagers, the elderly, and yes, men and boys.”

Sadly this happens to more people than we realize. It effects us ALL.”


On 12/17 she wrote:

“The support, understanding & the stories being shared put me in tears. In a good way! It means more than you could ever know! Thank you for posting and being incredible human beings. You are the people that keep humanity alive. You are the ones that make the world better and can bring forth change. Im so proud of you all!!

I suffered in silence for years. Who can I trust? What do I say? What will they think of me? I tried throughout the years to open up to the people closest to me only to have them not want to hear it and go back to acting like everything was ok. Doesn’t make them bad people. Some people don’t know how to cope with, process and be there for someone when it comes to something like that. So you can only imagine what us victims have to go through? We are violated physically and from that traumatic experience put in an emotional prison. It’s hell. But seeing all this positivity and support… It’s just so beautiful and overwhelming. …
I want to redirect this love and support to the people suffering alone the way I did. I want them to see how good people can be. Believe and have faith in humanity. Know you can find strength and you can reclaim your life. That you don’t have to go through this alone.

I will have more to say in the next few weeks regarding this matter. There’s just so much that needs to be said to educate the world regarding sexual assault & rape culture. We are figuring it all out together so please just keep up with the love, understanding and support for one another in this regarding this.

My main objective is to get support for victims so they can get on the path to healing as soon as possible and to prevent this from happening to others. Please, Lets stand strong TOGETHER for a better future for ALL of us.”

Granted being cornered to get harassed & being grabbed didnt lead me to want to commit suicide like rape did but all…

Posted by Melina Perez- RealMelina.Com on Saturday, December 16, 2017

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