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Former WWE Superstar seemingly shuts down rumor about Money In The Bank return



James Ellsworth is a perfect example of a pro wrestling fairy tale. A guy who looks like him would previously never have been thought to have a chance of making it in WWE but it happened. In all reality, Ellsworth was released from WWE long before his time really should have been up. He had plans for more antics and was game for anything although a creative difference might have popped up a time or two Ellsworth remains someone a lot of WWE fans wouldn't mind seeing make a return.

Since his release from WWE, he's traveled the indie wrestling circuits while keeping Andy Kaufman's memory alive and defending a prestigious Intergender Championship, after all sometimes the illusion of importance is just as legitimizing as actual accolades. Regardless, Ellsworth is having a great time turning heads on the indie scene while he works crowds and defends his self-appointed championship.

PW Insider reported that there was talk within WWE to bring James Ellsworth back into the fold. It was said Ellsworth is slated to be at the Money In The Bank event in Chicago on Sunday as well.

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This idea sounds like a great one for some fans and it would be very fitting to bring back the Jobber Among Men during the Money In The Bank event appropriately one year after he helped Carmella snatch the MITB briefcase in the first place.

But it turns out this might not be possible because James Ellsworth is actually booked for a show in China on Sunday, June 17th. Ellsworth is set to defend his Intergender Championship for Middle Kingdom Wrestling on June 17th and although there is a huge time difference between China and Chicago it doesn't look likely that Ellsworth will be able to it. Or at least that's the impression James Ellsworth was giving off when he put up a graphic for the event in Harbin China about an hour after PW Insider's report came out confirming he was slated for MITB.

It also doesn't look like this is a last-minute booking either because Ellsworth's appearance for Middle Kingdom Wrestling has been promoted since late last month. He is set to compete in a fatal four-way match where his Intergender Championship will be on the line.

Of course, James Ellsworth could be working the fans and has every intention of making it to Money In The Bank on Sunday. Only time will tell, but he would have to go a very long way to make the show even if Carmella needs his help again this year.