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Former WWE Superstar teases possible return



Just because you're wished the best luck in your future endeavors doesn't mean that the WWE Universe won't ever see you again. Adam Rose had a pretty neat run in WWE but it washed out quite quickly.

He had a lot of talent but was somewhat hindered by his ability to get over. There were a lot of things to blame for this. Creative didn't help, but if anything can be said about Adam Rose, it's that he never gives up.

Rose hinted that he might be retiring from pro wrestling recently after spending some time in the indie circuit. But it looks like he's prepared to make another announcement soon and he said it's going to be a big one. His usage of the NXT hashtag really drives home the point this migth be something worth paying attention to.

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No matter how he's used, a guy like Adam Rose would be a benefit to the WWE Universe, that's for sure. After all, when Adam Rose is around it's party time, all the time. So don't be a lemon... you get the picture. Of course, Adam Rose also used the hashtag "poop" as well so this announcement might turn out to be something nobody needs to know.

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