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Former WWE Tag Team Champion may be forced to retire



Three-time WWE Tag Team Champion Charlie Haas may have to retire. Most fans would remember him as part of The Worlds Greatest Tag Team with Shelton Benjamin and as part of Kurt Angle's stable. He was the Old School Champion in the OSW promotion in Odessa, TX but at their 4/15 show, it was announced that he would have to drop the title because of career-threatening neck surgery.

His neck issues have been there for years. In January 2010, he suffered a serious neck injury during a match with Drew McIntyre. MRI's showed that he had a herniation of the C-5 and T-1 discs. He was released from WWE 6 months later.

This time he is dealing with numbness in his arms. In 2013, he announced that he was retiring so he could spend more time with his family. At the time, the feeling was that he quit the business because there was mutual unhappiness from him and ROH and he got into a backstage argument with Grizzly Redwood. Others believed that he had already made up his mind because of neck issues.

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He is not wrestling much these days and works a regular job but he does occasionally take some dates.